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Classified: Compiled Intelligence On the Lost Dolls Reclaimer Faction (OC Reclaimer Faction)

Condensed intelligence overview detailing currently known information on the Reclaimer faction known as ‘Lost Dolls.’ Information contained therein has been compiled by Sky Union Intelligence Officer ‘MB.’
Sources consist largely of Sky Union’s own records, as well as shared intelligence reports on the matter, compiled battle data, and found footage shared by Orbital. MB was also able to covertly interview the pilot ‘Port’ directly, though it’s believed that she understood the general purpose of MB’s questioning, and so her testimony must be accepted with a degree of scrutiny.
Unit Name: Lost Dolls
“Bringing you the bleeding edge of technology from thirty years ago, today. Let’s get started.”
-MB, initial debriefing.
Time of Operation: Officially, only four hundred and seventy three days. Compiled intelligence suggests that the group has been active in the Oval Link for far longer, with upward estimates reaching as high as twenty years. At the very least, all members were alive at the time of the Moonfall.
Pilots: Five
Affiliations: No known Consortium ties. Joint operations alongside other Reclaimer factions are uncommon, though Steel Knights show up most often with Bullet Works and Immortal Innocence tied for a distant second.
Preferred Mission Profile: Lost Dolls’ mission profile trends toward humanitarian missions. Primarily defensive or retributive actions against Corrupted A.I. incursions, particularly those concerning civilian populations within the Oval Link. It’s generally accepted that this is one of the primary factors contributing to their work alongside Steel Knights.
They are less likely than average to pursue high-risk, high-payout missions such as deep-dives into A.I. territory or the escort of VIPs, such as political or military personnel, out of high risk areas. Conversely, they are more likely to take on high-risk missions with lower pay, such as escorting civilian evacuation caravans in the event of a Corrupted A.I. incursion. This behavior matches with the Dolls’ preference for humanitarian work, as missions fitting these criteria tend to be posted by lower level governmental officials, or even civilians with pooled resources, who have come under sudden attack.
Quirks: All five pilots typically show to missions, in violation of the four-per-squad standard. Normally this would be in violation of the Consortium Treaty, but so far Orbital has refused to take action. It is theorized that this is due to the Dolls’ reluctance to hit military targets, and that Orbital may be letting the behavior slide in the interest of protecting civilian lives.
The Dolls have no known home base. Port has made reference to a ‘bus’ in interviews that she says they use for field repair and transportation; it’s possible she’s referring to an old rapid deployment Arsenal carrier like the ones that were used before the Consortiums established proper infrastructure in the Oval Link, but it’s hard to say where a group like the Dolls could have found an operational one, much less one capable of fielding five arsenals. It’s almost more likely that they actually have two, puttering somewhere around the Neutral Zone. Even that’s a hard pill to swallow, since the old carriers have been out of production for almost thirty years now.
Very little of the Dolls’ equipment is up-to-date. Their plugsuits are all defunct prototype models and in varying states of disrepair; most of their pilots don’t even use the actual connections in the suits themselves, opting instead for permanent ports connecting directly to their nervous systems. I’ve never seen any of them sporting a Blitz, either. At least one, Port, has been observed with what appears to be a traditional slug-throwing sidearm.
The Lost Dolls claim to be a family unit of five sisters. The physical differences between them would imply that this is in a purely symbolic manner (excepting Protoca and Hope. Possibly Port if our facial analysis data is reliable), but the effect is the same. Their loyalty to each other is hard to call into question.
Every one of their pilots has had their age frozen by Outer Syndrome.
It should be noted that all pilots, excepting Earwax, have pilot rankings that do not properly reflect their overall level of competency. The Dolls’ propensity for low-sensitivity missions and unwillingness to work closely to further any Consortium goals aside from preservation of human life has left them low on the leaderboard. In cases where this information is used for planning operations against or alongside the Lost Dolls, assume all pilots are at the level of A rank or higher.
“I’ll start off with saying that the Dolls have the most ‘ware I’ve ever seen packed into a unit of this size. Two pilots are almost entirely cybernetic. And I do mean entirely.”
Callsign: Tachi
Real Name: Tachi Hanamura
Age: Unknown. Appears to be in her late teens.
Height: 197cm outside of Arsenal, 76cm while embarked, 167cm when utilizing her ‘emergency legs.’
Rank: C
Handed: Both
Family: Four sisters
Outer Ability: Unknown. Though she is remarkably receptive to cybernetic augmentations and displays an unusual level of synchronicity with her Arsenal, hovering at anywhere between 91% and 95% at any time.
Piloting Tendences: Aggressive. Highly aggressive. Tachi’s typical M.O. involves charging directly into an enemy formation and smashing the thing to bits before moving onto the next cluster. She often acts as the Dolls’ line breaker and attack dog, flushing high priority targets out of the press or just bowling down the chaff so that the other pilots can focus on more important things.
“The armor is 600mm of over a dozen different laminates and they didn’t include a single thermal dispersion layer for laser fire...”
-Tachi, picking over the husk of a disabled Genbu
Physical Description: Where to start? First, brown hair, cropped into a messy bowl cut. Wide build for a girl. Her entire right arm is cybernetic. Her torso ends above her hips, which have been replaced by a massive version of the nerve-interface hubs found on standard plugsuits. Outside of her Arsenal this is plugged into the top of a massive set of ‘spider legs,’ complete with abdomen, which she uses as her normal mode of transport. When embarked on a mission, she’s lifted off her leg hub and simply plugged into a custom seat in her Arsenal, with a secondary connection at the base of her neck; the normal shoulder connections aren’t used.
The arm and leg hub don’t match any known manufacturer of prosthetics, and the connection format at her hip is dated by at least a full twenty years. A pair of more modern legs are integrated into her piloting seat and act as part of her ejection system should her Arsenal be put out of commission in the middle of combat.
She has a set of rocket thrusters implanted into her back. Actual rocket thrusters; the vents are mostly flush with her shoulder blades, protruding perhaps 5-6cm. Footage loaned from Orbital demonstrates her leaping almost one hundred meters utilizing them while under full load (read: attached to the massive spider leg assembly). Using her Arsenal ejection system, combined with the lighter weight of her backup legs, it’s estimated she could travel as far as three hundred meters on a burst from the thrusters.
Arsenal: Arachne
Weapon Compliment:
Arsenal Characteristics: Beat half to death and heavy.
Arachne’s one of the two Arsenals in the Dolls’ employ that we have a decent technical read on, mostly because Tachi’s a shameless showboat and likes to show off all the tinkering she’s done on the thing. A decent example of the Dolls’ construction strategy, no two armor components on Arachne are from the same model. The left arm is optimized for melee strikes (both the base model, and the aftermarket modifications that have been made by the pilot) while the right is oriented for handling firearms. The unit is sluggish in the air and has middling mobility on foot for it’s durability; fine enough for Tachi’s preferred method of brawling. Combat footage shows she’s the type of pilot that tries to stay grounded anyway.
Tachi’s normal plan of attack is to get in close and personal with the Raven II and Ohabari and shred whatever’s in front of her. The Reaper II is typically reserved for plinking Strais or aerial targets that have gotten spread out. The Agni Flame appears to be used purely as backup.
Frankly, the Reaper II and Ogre Break II are squandered here. With a maximum lock range of only two hundred and one meters, Arachne is right on the edge of it’s rangeband with the Reaper and hopelessly short of the Ogre. That hasn’t stopped the pilot from eyeballing slower moving AI from farther out, but the Arsenal really shows the slapdash nature of the pilot.
“She doesn’t stop. Not for anything. While pouring over the combat footage I actually stumbled onto a sequence where she took a Failnaught round right through the cockpit and all it did was make her angry.”
Callsign: Protoca
Real Name: Protoca [no known surname]
Age: Unknown. Appears to be in her late teens.
Height: 182cm
Rank: B
Handed: Left
Family: Four sisters
Outer Ability: Rapid regeneration from injuries, as well as being prone to physical mutation. She can apparently recover from injuries that even most Outers would find lethal; we have combat footage of an ejected Protoca taking a cannon round to the legs, obliterating everything from her hips downward. I met her face-to-face in my interview with Port and she had made a full recovery, complete with a set of genuine flesh and blood legs. You wouldn’t even know it’d happened.
Her mutations appear to be a side-effect of her regeneration, and do not directly benefit her while piloting outside of her absurd physical strength and enhanced reflexes.
Piloting Tendencies: Measured and deliberate, but outrageously dogged. She keeps a wide engagement profile and usually plays mop-up alongside Port when dealing with traditional corrupted AI forces, otherwise she’s running interference when facing off against Arsenals. She’s particularly skilled at close urban combat and swaps between playing rifleman and melee roles fluidly. She also rarely retreats from engagement, regardless of the tactical situation. On at least one occasion, her Arsenal was reduced down to it’s torso, head, and one leg in an engagement with a hostile Arsenal pilot. Instead of withdrawing, Protoca engaged afterburners and tackled her opponent, which bought enough time for Lost Dolls’ other pilots to reach her position and disable the enemy.
Generally speaking, it seems she simply will not withdraw from an engagement unless one of the other pilots is under direct threat or Port herself calls for an immediate withdrawal.
“You don’t take one step further. Not one.”
-Protoca, staring down three fresh Strais after dispatching their forward wing.
Physical Description: A real mess. For the basics; brown hair, trimmed into an angled bob cut. She’s wide shouldered, but nowhere near as broad as Tachi. Her torso and leg profiles are slim, arguably emaciated. Musculature is extremely visible, as if she’s constantly tensing her entire body with every movement. It’s possible that’s the case, as her movement patterns have a habit of being twitchy and erratic.
As for the aforementioned mutations: her right leg is covered in dark, hard scales. An atrophied wing, like that of a bat, shares a dual joint at the shoulder with her right arm. Numerous scars, some clearly surgical in nature. There’s a kind of plant-like symbiont that wraps around her left arm, up her neck, and ends in her hair, sprouting into a pair of green, bioluminescent flowers; it’s unclear if this is a mutation to her person or if it’s a separate entity.
A note about the wing and scales: they’re proofed against small arms. How Protoca’s body is able to produce organic compounds capable of standing up to Femto weaponry is currently a subject of heated debate in R&D’s breakroom. I’m sure more than a few whiteboards have been broken over it, considering how loud they get.
Arsenal: One More
Weapon Compliment:
  • OAW-P54 Aegis
  • OAW-BL74 Cronus Break
  • SAW-RP90F Splendor
  • HAW-CF22 Chaff Flare
  • HAW-R26F Guilty Throne
  • HAW-L05F Stargazer
Arsenal Characteristics: One More is the type of Arsenal you could smack upside the head with a Buster Doom and it would ask for seconds.
True, it doesn’t have the bulk of a true heavy-weight, but the chassis itself is strong enough to take a hit and keep on coming and the Splendor repair system means the Arsenal has fantastic staying power over the course of an extended engagement. And the Aegis shield in the off-hand gifts the pilot considerable bulk in the context of a contained duel.
Like Arachne, One More has a lopsided chassis with a horrendously overengineered sword arm while the other is optimized for handling firearms. Unlike Arachne, One More has access to a far more advanced set of weaponry. Between the Guilty Throne, Aegis, Cronus Break, and Stargazer, Protoca is running a veritable buffet of high performance, low availability equipment. The manufacturers of the Cronus Break and Aegis models aren’t even public knowledge, so it’s an open question where the Dolls could have procured such serious tech with their relatively bare income and (reportedly) spartan operational facilities.
Operationally, One More often acts as the anvil to Port and Tachi’s hammer; a hard to remove obstacle for any conventional AI force and a dogged pursuer for most arsenal-based forces.
“The team’s tactical leader and designated marksman. Methodical, cordial, and a complete horror show like all the others.”
Callsign: Port
Real Name: Samantha Thampson
Age: Unknown. Appears to be in her late teens.
Height: 167cm
Rank: B
Handed: Left
Family: Four sisters.
Outer Ability: Port’s brain is innately capable of understanding binary code which allows her unparalleled levels of synchronicity with her Arsenal, fluctuating between 99%-100%. It also allows her to eschew the traditional connecting ports in her plug suit (which is good, because they’re all visibly broken) and instead opt for a surgically installed plug that connects directly to her brain stem. Connected this way, her Arsenal effectively becomes an extension of her physical body.
This ability also extends to binary converted into other formats other than a direct electrical feed; Port has often been caught having verbal, and apparently quite in-depth, conversations with the AI unit of her Arsenal via the unit’s external audio systems, with bursts of static standing in for the unit's speech. How coherent/intelligent this ‘dialogue’ from the unit is still up in the air, but analysis of the few samples we do have shows definite patterns in the unit’s ‘speech’ and in how it reacts to Port herself.
Piloting Tendencies: Port’s preferred method of engagement appears to be skirmishing at distance; she fits the rifleman archetype to a T. Unlike Protoca, Tachi, and Lily, Port has no measures for melee combat installed on her Arsenal aside from its fists, and even the one shotgun she keeps on the rear pylons is a choked down, longer range model.
Her usual M.O. when deployed amongst her sisters is to hang back behind Tachi or Protoca and plink. Well, ‘plink.’ The DMR and high performance assault rifle she’s managed to scrounge out of the Neutral Zone could blow through a Rebellion’s kneecap with sustained fire, and her sisters are good at giving her the required openings. While going over the combat footage, I saw her put a round down the barrel of a Slay Dog more than once.
“Oh, we’re just a merry little band of misfits, Sergeant. Looking out for each other, trying to make the world a better place. I’m sure you’ve heard the old song and dance.”
-Port, early in her interview with Intelligence Officer MB.
Physical Description: The most immediately striking thing about Port is arguably her albinism; snow white from head to toe except for her eyes, which are pink from lack of pigment. After that might be the fact that she’s a quadruple amputee with a full suite of military grade replacement limbs (or rather, Port claims that they’re military grade). The hardware itself appears very dated, to the point where our intelligence teams have not actually been able to pinpoint a make or model. Aside from being old, they’re clearly several sizes too large for her. Approximating by their overall scale, we estimate they’re intended for an 180cm adult male. The size difference is exaggerated somewhat by the fact that her legs have actually been installed too low, connecting part way down her thighs rather than at the hip. The limbs themselves don’t appear to be anything special; the arms are conventional replacement limbs with a fully articulated wrist, hand, and fingers while the legs are set up for sprinting, the feet having been replaced with a flexible running fin. The legs also boast a pneumatic jumping apparatus on par with modern Outer modifications.
Port has also undergone extensive cranial modifications, some of which she claims she’s performed herself. These include a large radio antenna mounted behind her right ear and connected via ribbon cable to the base of her skull, a set of four high definition cameras implanted into the ridges of her cheekbones, a manually operated combat stimulant pump on the bottom left portion of her skull, and two white ‘dog ears’ surgically implanted over her ear canals (breed and origin undetermined; possibly vat grown and purchased off the black market).
Moving on from augmentations; Port herself is slightly built. Thin frame, long face, little visible muscle to speak of. Her torso is thin enough that it almost appears emaciated, though there’s some contention on whether this is actually due to nutritional deficit or rather a result of further augmentation or Outer Syndrome. She’s covered in scars and has permanent iris damage in her left eye.
Arsenal: B3-206 (though Port often shortens this to ‘Bee’)
Weapon Compliment:
  • SAW-SR53 Beluga Beam
  • Agni Flame M
  • HAW-R26F Guilty Throne
  • HAW-SH35 Hoggish Spriggan
  • HAW-AM01L Scarlet Star
And a reserve magazine for an expanded ammunition compliment.
Arsenal Characteristics: A solid, all around trooper unit.
B3-206 excels in the roles of medium range fire support and skirmisher. Between the Beluga Beam and Scarlet Star, B3-206 has excellent firepower at range to harass hostile targets while the Guilty Throne and M model Agni Flame offer solid mid-range options for when the fighting gets in a little closer. Port appears to keep the Spriggan on hand as a sidearm more than anything else, usually only resorting to it once her other weapons have depleted their ammunition stores.
As for the Arsenal itself, B3-206 is very much a jack of all trades. Construction focuses on striking a balance between durability, maneuverability, and memory capacity with some minor sacrifices to overall firepower. Of particular note are the Arsenal’s arms, the make of which don’t appear in any of our internal records. Construction closely resembles the make of an old, defunct Zen prototype from over twenty years ago but declassified documents suggest that those never made it past the drawing board before the project was canceled; we’re currently doing some more thorough digging to try and figure out where Port may have picked them up but the current theory is that she found a fabricator on the black market who developed the design independently.
As mentioned previously, B3-206 is on recording having apparently complex conversations with Port via audibly broadcast binary noise. We don’t have enough data to synthesize a translation at this time, but the patterns are definite and subtle variations in the machine’s tone do closely mirror subtleties in human speech resulting from shifts in mood. Port herself has been cryptic on the subject but the implications of a sapient AI operating directly under Orbital authority are something the intelligence community is still exploring.
“Arguably the team’s ace pilot, she ties Port and Protoca combined for Arsenal downs. She lags behind in Corrupted AI kills but then, that isn’t her job.”
Callsign: Lily
Real Name: Liliana [no known surname]
Age: Unknown. Appears to be in her early teens.
Height: 160cm
Rank: A
Handed: Right
Family: Four sisters
Outer Ability: Instantaneous reaction time. She has a true reaction time of 0.00000000 seconds, meaning she is only limited by the inertia of her own body or Arsenal when maneuvering in combat. This has given rise to some truly hair-raising maneuvering from Lily, as she can change her plan of attack at any point for any reason as long as her Arsenal is capable of putting up with the mechanical stress.
Piloting Tendencies: Highly aggressive, arguably moreso than Tachi. Her ability to outthink and out-react even her own teammates mean that Lily is often extending far beyond them before they can even realize it. The good news for her is that the enemy won't realize it either; not until she's put two full magazines from her Silver Raven IIs right into their back, anyway.
“A real firecracker, this one. You wouldn’t guess by how quiet she is off the field.”
Physical Description: Short, slightly built (though not so much as Port), with the physicality one might expect of a professional dancer. Her hair is sandy brown and kept braided.
Like Port, Lily is highly augmented. Both her legs have been replaced with prosthetics and, like Port, the make and model are unknown. Visually, they resemble Outer-issue dedicated leaping prosthetics in that they taper sharply down to the feet which appear to be a pair of springloaded fins, not dissimilar to Port’s running fins. Her left arm has also been replaced with an arm of a similar make to Port’s, though it’s not identical. It’s detachable, with the shoulder socket doubling as Lily’s primary connection port while embarked in the Rabbit.
Also like Port, she has a pair of animal ears implanted into her head, though in this case they are in addition to her normal ones as opposed to replacing them; they’re a pair of large rabbit ears matching her hair color.
Some miscellaneous notes: Lily is completely mute. She communicates primarily through a form of one-handed sign language, heavily favoring her right hand. Per Port, all pilots in the unit are fluent enough to understand the broad strokes of whatever it is Lily is signing but only Tachi has put in the time to learn the language properly. Her and Lily will sometimes utilize it to have private conversations. In the field she gets by with a limited set of synthesized voice commands that Port has uploaded into a soundboard in her cockpit.
Lily is also quite near-sighted. A rare condition for an Outer, let alone an Arsenal pilot. She can commonly be found sporting a pair of cokebottle glasses when not in her Arsenal.
Arsenal: Red Rabbit
Weapon Compliment:
  • HAW-M05 Silver Raven II x 2
  • SAW-EB10 Prominence
  • SAW-EB10L Prominence
  • SAW-RP95 Devotion
  • HAW-CS09 Cooling System
Arsenal Characteristics: Red Rabbit is what most experienced Arsenal pilots would describe as ‘selfish.’
Even as part of a cohesive unit, Red Rabbit’s role typically involves acting alone, striking forward ahead of the advancing unit or around the opposition’s flank to pick out high priority targets before the enemy can properly react. Where Arachne’s application is as a blunt instrument, Red Rabbit is a dagger sinking into the enemy’s unguarded flank. Hot shots flock to these sorts of machines because it means they get to wrack up the killmarks, though Lily doesn't seem the type to keep score.
About every aspect of Red Rabbit’s handling characteristics have been redlined for the sake of keeping up with its daring pilot. It’s bleeding fast, turns on a dime, and is practically air-weight as far as Arsenals are concerned. This also means it’s exceptionally fragile but, with Lily at the helm, it’s rare for the Rabbit to incur significant battle damage at all.
A minor note: Red Rabbit is the only Arsenal in the unit to use an after-market body kit. This has made visually identifying the make and model essentially impossible. Femto expulsion readings and in-depth handling analyses have been carried out by our boys in the Intelligence office but I can only speculate as to their conclusion, as the particular details haven’t been cleared for my viewing. I hear it made some of the higher ups break into a cold sweat, for whatever that’s worth.
“Cute kid. Not really sure what she’s doing hanging out in a Reclaimer unit, shy as she is.”
Callsign: Earwax
Real Name: Hope [no known surname]
Age: Unknown. Her age was frozen while quite young; appears to be about nine or ten.
Height: 121cm
Rank: E
Handed: Right
Family: Four sisters
Outer Ability: Currently unknown. Port has hinted that she might have empathic capabilities.
Piloting Tendencies: Earwax is the team’s high altitude reconnaissance and communications expert. She spends every moment of flight time high over the battlefield, coordinating the other pilots and keeping a bird’s eye view of the battle. There is no known record of Earwax engaging in combat directly.
“Don’t call me that! Ugh. I asked Port not to make that my nickname . . .”
-Earwax apparently doesn’t like her callsign.
Physical Description: The spitting image of Protoca, if Protca were seven years younger and lacking mutations. Going theory in the intelligence circuit is that Earwax and Protoca are twins, with Earwax contracting Outer Syndrome at an earlier date than her sister. Sadly, at this stage all we have is conjecture.
Notable visual distinctions between the two, aside from height, mostly come down to personal style. Earwax wears her hair longer and is more likely to wear ornaments such as hair clips or bands. She is also the team’s only member to be commonly found in civilian clothing, with a penchant for ribbons and frilly dresses. All told, Earwax is almost aggressively ‘normal’ in contrast with the rest of her team, wholly lacking her sister’s enhanced musculature as well as any cybernetic augmentation.
Arsenal: Eden
Weapon Compliment: A single HAW-H05L Trickster and all the sensor equipment you can reasonably jam into the torso chassis.
Arsenal Characteristics: Eden is the Dolls’ high altitude recon and overwatch unit.
Just about every spare or redundant part has been pulled off the frame in favor of saving weight and increasing the maximum operational ceiling of the unit well beyond standard combat load parameters. As a result, Eden is capable of operating above an AO almost indefinitely, feeding the team’s other pilots a steady stream of intel while high and away from any real danger.
Frankly, there isn’t much more to say on the subject. Eden is so pared down that it’s barely more than a trainer unit with a bunch of sensors strapped to the hood. Which is good, because Hope has none of the typical neural implants that normally facilitate handling Arsenal movement, nor any secondary method of connection like most of her sisters. She flies almost purely by instruments.
There isn’t even much evidence to suggest she’s ever fired her Trickster, which is meant as a last resort defensive measure in case something gets by the defensive screen formed by the rest of the unit. There have been all of five occasions where her Arsenal was purposefully pursued by enemy contacts and, the three times they got away from Lily, said contacts burned their own engines out while trying to exceed their operational ceiling.
Closing Statement: The Lost Dolls represent a valuable asset in the fight against the Corrupted AI in that they are a reliable and high-uptime asset dedicated to safeguarding vulnerable towns and cities across the Oval Link. That said, they show no interest in working closely with any Consortium; at this time it is my estimation that we would only ever look to the Lost Dolls as a stabilizing measure in the event of a crisis, rather than a resource to exploit proactively.
If you made it this far, thanks for reading over my post. And thanks to u/Muteki_____ for translating DxM's supplementary materials and ultimately giving me the idea for this writeup.
I sure hope the formatting doesn't break.
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A Beginner's Guide to Custom HUD, Custom Hitsound, and Automated Scripts in TF2

Here's a guide to scripting in TF2. It's a long one, so I've also provided a table of contents. I hope you'll find it useful.
I'll try my best to make this ELI5-ish. This is the updated version of my previous guide. I've considered the comments from previous thread and made some improvements. I've also added screenshots this time around; look for (see image# tags). Open this imgur album if you want visualize the process. This time, I've also added a guide to apply any custom HUD, change hitsound, and change killsound.

Table of Contents

  • Imgur Album Link: https://imgur.com/a/lHnZJ
  • Setting up a script file for the very first time
  • Some basic information on syntax
  • Keyboard Keys in Source Engine
  • Some very useful codes
  • Boost your Performance
  • Quality of Gameplay Improvements
  • Installing Custom HUD
  • Installing Custom Killsound and Hitsound

Setting up a script file for the very first time

When you open TF2, it executes a pre-defined list of operations. One of them is a file called "autoexec." However, this file will not be present on a fresh install of TF2, and you need to create this file yourself. (see IMG 1 and IMG 2)

Step 1: A folder which contains all your custom scripts

If you have a default installation of TF2, go to this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf
I've installed TF2 on an external HDD, so don't worry if our directories aren't the same. If you have trouble finding where you installed TF2: Steam -> Click on Team Fortress 2 -> Right click -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files
Create a new folder called "cfg"
Now this will be the folder where all custom stuff happens:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg

Step 2: Create autoexec

Create a new text file called "autoexec.txt"; then, rename it to "autoexec.cfg". (see IMG 3-5)

Here's a guide on how to enable extensions in Windows explorer by Microsoft. You NEED it to properly change the file extension.

That's it, now you're ready to code. Don't worry, its no C++, just some basic commands.
Sidenote: You can also create autoexec.cfg under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom , it's up to you; they work exactly the same

Some basic information on syntax


Keep the names of files simple. Make sure they do not contain any spaces. You can use underscore to create a separation between words.


Every program has a way to comment. A comment is not executed, it is skipped. You might want to comment on your scripts to help you remember which thing does what.
In our script two consecutive backslashes indicate a comment.
//This is a comment
This is a NOT a comment and it will be executed
This portion is executed // Anything after two backslashes is not until a new line begins

Executing secondary files

As mentioned before, autoexec is included in the pre-defined to run every time by the developers when the game starts. However, you might want to break your scripts in different files: one for sounds, one for graphics, one for binds, you get the drift. (see IMG 6)
To do this create new files like "sound.cfg" "graphics.cfg" "binds.cfg" "hax.cfg" under the same directory i.e.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\cfg and remember no spaces in .cfg files.
However, there is one more step. You need to write one line of code in "autoexec.cfg" to execute these secondary files:
exec sound
exec graphics
exec binds
exec hax
As you can see its quite simple, TF2 executes autoexec, and then autoexec executes all your secondary scripts.
Again, all this is optional and you can just as well stuff everything in autoexec, but this method makes it easier to change stuff later.

The binary system

I think everyone already knows this:
1 = true = on = yes
0 = false = off = no

Keyboard Keys in Source Engine

There are some keys which are not intuitive to name. When want to bind the key "p" to a chat bind, you can do that easily, but what about your middle mouse, is it m3, middle_mouse, or something else? Here's a list of all default keys recognized by the Source Engine:
Key on Physical Keyboard Key Code (Source Engine)
Space Bar space
Caps Lock capslock
Escape escape
F1 f1
F2 f2
F3 f3
F4 f4
F5 f5
F6 f6
F7 f7
F8 f8
F9 f9
F10 f10
F11 f11
F12 f12
Pause pause
Left Quote `
Equals Sign =
Backspace backspace
Tab Key tab
Left Bracket ]
Right Bracket [
Forward Slash /
Semicolon semicolon
Right Quote '
Back Slash \
Shift Key shift
Enter enter
Comma ,
Control ctrl
Alt alt
One 1
Two 2
Three 3
Four 4
Five 5
Six 6
Seven 7
Eight 8
Nine 9
Zero 0
A a
B b
C c
D d
E e
F f
G g
H h
I i
J j
K k
L l
M m
N n
O o
P p
Q q
R r
S s
T t
U u
V v
W w
X x
Y y
Z z
Up Arrow uparrow
Down Arrow downarrow
Right Arrow rightarrow
Left Arrow leftarrow
Insert ins
Home home
Page Up pgup
Page Down pgdn
Delete del
End end
Mouse Button 1 mouse1
Mouse Button 2 mouse2
Mouse Button 3 mouse3
Mouse Button 4 mouse4
Mouse Button 5 mouse5
Mouse Wheel Up mwheelup
Mouse Wheel Down mwheeldown
1 kp_end
2 kp_downarrow
3 kp_pgdn
4 kp_leftarrow
5 kp_5
6 kp_rightarrow
7 kp_home
8 kp_uparrow
9 kp_pgup
0 kp_ins
+ kp_plus
- kp_minus
/ kp_slash
. kp_del
* *
Enter kp_enter

Some very useful codes

Chat binds

Chat binds follow a simple syntax. You might want to create a binds.cfg to conveniently save all your binds. (see IMG 7) Here's the syntax
bind "" "say "
The quotation marks are completely optional.
bind = say BIG SAD
works same as
bind "=" "say BIG SAD"
and when you press = while in-game, you will say BIG SAD in chat. If you want to say something in team-chat, replace "say" with "say_team"
Many medics bind their mouse 2 with a team chat to inform their team that they have deployed uber.
Here's an example:
bind "mouse2" "say_team Zeros always die"; "+attack2"

NOTE: The latest bind replaces all previous binds assigned to the same key. Use the semi-colon as I did above to bind 1 key to perform multiple actions actions.

Null Cancelling Movement Script

This script makes your class move in the last pressed direction. By default, if you press A and then press D while holding A, you stop moving; this scripts overrides that and you move in your last pressed direction.
This script uses a new syntax: alias. I don't want to complicate this guide, but think of it as a function which can link multiple actions. You DON'T need to know anything about this new syntax.(also see IMG 8)
bind w +mfwd
bind s +mback
bind a +mleft
bind d +mright
alias +mfwd "-back;+forward;alias checkfwd +forward"
alias +mback "-forward;+back;alias checkback +back"
alias +mleft "-moveright;+moveleft;alias checkleft +moveleft"
alias +mright "-moveleft;+moveright;alias checkright +moveright"
alias -mfwd "-forward;checkback;alias checkfwd none"
alias -mback "-back;checkfwd;alias checkback none"
alias -mleft "-moveleft;checkright;alias checkleft none"
alias -mright "-moveright;checkleft;alias checkright none"
alias checkfwd none
alias checkback none
alias checkleft none
alias checkright none
alias none ""

Voice binds

Everyone knows you press "E" to call medic for help. You can also bind any key to any voice command! Tired of pressing z+2 to express your gratitude? Just bind it!
Basically, here's the breakdown: there are there voice menus we all know; they are coded as "voicemenu_0" "voicemenu_1" and "voicemenu_2" which correspond to the default Z, X, and C. When you say thanks, you press Z then 2. So, your're opening "voicemenu_0" and then pressing 2. These actions can be condensed to "voicemenu_0_2"
So, if you want to bind Thanks! to = key, here's what you do:
bind "=" "voicemenu_0_2"
If you need a dispenser here, then just poot-dis in your binds.cfg:
bind "j" "voicemenu_1_5"

Quick class change

Before we head to the actual script to change classes, I suggest that you turn off autokill. Just include this command to do so.
hud_classautokill 0
Here's my quick class change script. This will not work if you don't a NUM-PAD; just use what you learned up until now to make this script your own.
bind "KP_END" "join_class scout"
bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "join_class soldier"
bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "join_class demoman"
bind "KP_PGDN" "join_class pyro"
bind "KP_5" "join_class heavyweapons"
bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "join_class engineer"
bind "KP_HOME" "join_class medic"
bind "KP_UPARROW" "join_class sniper"
bind "KP_PGUP" "join_class spy"
Here's the syntax:
bind "" "join_class "
There is one superior script which allows you to jump spawns while preserving ubercharge (without changing class), but it is banned in various competitive formats, and I personally think it gives you an unfair advantage, but you are free to google it; it won't VAC ban you BTW.
NOTE: This change class will kill you if you are outside spawn and attempt to use it without disabling class autokill.

Upvo...urm...press key to die instantly

You can bind your favorite way to end it. Either drop dead, explode in a spectacular fashion, or use both.
bind "" kill
to drop dead
bind "" explode
to explode
its good for memes, exploding on hi-5 contact, and preventing enemy medic from farming you for uber.

Boost your Performance

This section is made with the help of mastercoms ' TF2 config file. Give it a try. It is absolutely amazing!

Utilize your multiple cores

TF2 was made 10 years ago when single core CPUs were all the rage. Use this code to force it to utilize multiple engines:
cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1
r_threaded_renderables 1
r_threaded_particles 1
r_threaded_client_shadow_manager 1
mat_queue_mode 2
studio_queue_mode 1
host_thread_mode 1 This one seems to interfere with some servers, either ignore this or see this comment for a fix

Disable Shadows

This one is kinda iffy. Shadows are bugged and can show through walls to give you vital information on the whereabouts of enemy players. This one is up to you, but it does increase FPS.
r_shadows 0

Quality of Gameplay Improvements

Enable your player model in HUD

This decreases performance, but I like it and it also displays vital information like which medigun enemy medic is holding when you disguise as a medic.
cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel 1

Hitsound Pitch

Change the pitch of hitsound to get an idea of the damage you dealt. Usually players prefer sharp sounds (high pitch) for high damage, but you're the boss. Change it however you like.
tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg 127 // Pitch for hitsound on >=150 damage
tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg 65 // Pitch for hitsound on <=10 damage

Last Hit aka Player Death Hitsound

Some players prefer a sound (which is different from hitsound) called last hitsound when they successfully kill an enemy player. Here's how to enable it. Moreover, you can also change pitch of last hitsound to know you killed someone with a fat meatshot or chip damage.
tf_dingalingaling_lasthit 1 // Play killsounds
tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitchmaxdmg 127 // Pitch for killsound on >=150 damage
tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitchmindmg 65 // Pitch for killsound on <=10 damage

Improve sound quality

Simple yet very effective
snd_pitchquality 1

Enabling Console

Console is a tool which allows you to enter all these command we discussed while in-game. Note, however that the changes made while in-game might not be permanent. Enabling console is vital if you don't want to bind a command, and just want to enter it as you go on.
  • Go to main menu
  • Click on options (gear icon)
  • Click on "advanced..."
  • Check "Enable Developer Console"
  • While you're here also enable "Weapon Fast Switch"

Enable weapon fast switch

You can either use the previous method or include weapon fast switch command in your cfg file to permanently enable WFS:
hud_fastswitch 1

Reloading the sound

TF2's sound sometimes gets bugged and you constantly hear the kritz sound of kritzkrieg or some other bugged sound. You can either bind a reset sound command or just type it in console.
Here's the command
Here's a bind
bind "

Reloading HUD

Remember when %killername% killed you? Or something else went missing from your HUD> Here's how you fix it.
Here's the bind
bind "" hud_reloadscheme

Fix for invisible players and bots

Sometime you lag so hard that some enemy players and many giant offensive bots go invisible. Here's how to fix it.
record fix; stop
bind "" "record fix"; "stop"

Installing Custom HUD

Create a folder called "custom" for this guide.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom
First you need to download the HUD you want. You can visit huds.tf for a up to date catalog of all the famous HUDs. You can also visit toonhud.com to create your own version of this hud by customizing colors, opacity, add transparent viewmodels, and custom crosshair all by a graphical user interface. Here's the one I use.
Usually HUDs come packed in a .zip file. Extract it and place it under custom. (see IMG 9)
To ensure you have placed it correctly make sure when you open custom folder, there is the HUD you downloaded, and folders like "cfg" "materials" etc inside it.

Installing Custom Killsound and Hitsound

Create a folder called "custom" for this guide.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom
Now create a folder called "hitsound" under custom. Then a folder called "sound" under hitsound. Then a folder called "ui" under sound. You need to place your hitsound and killsound under this folder.
Here's the full directory to ensure you're in the right place:
\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\hitsound\sound\ui
Now google hitsounds and killsounds for TF2. Gamebanana is a good resource.

Make sure you download the .wav file. Websites like gamebanana provide a preview of sound as a .mp3 file. Do not download it, it will not work for TF2. Use the preview to select the sound and then download the .zip file which contains the .wav file. Alternatively, use a converter to get .wav from .mp3.

Once you have the hitsound/killsound. Rename it "hitsound.wav" (for hitsound) and "killsound.wav" (for killsound). Any other rename will NOT work so make sure you spell it right. Finally, this method changes the default hitsound/killsound. Go in in-game settings and change your hitsound/killsound to default. (see IMG 10)

That's all folks! I hope this improves your user experience. If want a screenshot of any step I missed, comment below and I'll add it to the imgur album.
submitted by Az-21 to tf2 [link] [comments]

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